Our Honey Tree Team


Julie Riedel

Julie Riedel


We welcome Julie Riedel as Honey Tree director for the 2021-2022 school year! Previously Julie served as interim director, assistant director and teacher in our kindergarten and preschool programs. Julie has been a valued member of our Honey tree team for over 12 years. Her years of success teaching young children, working with teachers and families as well as her B.A. degree, teaching credential and administrative coursework are reflected in the quality of Honey Tree's early learning program and her commitment to it.

Michelle Chesson

Michele Chesson

Administrative Assistant

Michele keeps the business of our school up to date with bookkeeping, payroll, tuition and communication with families. She has been part of the administrative team for over 5 years and previous to that was a Honey Tree parent and served on the Honey Tree Board. Michele has a business background as well as education and experience in early childhood teaching. Michele typically knows every child and parent attending Honey Tree!


Our teachers are educated, experienced, and most importantly have a love for young children and are dedicated to their early learning. In addition to the necessary early childhood education units required by California, our teachers may hold M.A., B.A., or A.A. degrees. Our teaching team has a variety of experience and tenure at Honey Tree. We have teachers who have been in the profession of early education and at Honey Tree for over 20 years as well as teachers who are newer to the field and completing their first years at Honey Tree. Our stable, staffing pattern includes a qualified lead teacher and assistant teacher in each classroom.

Top row, left to right:
Clarissa Arana, Michele Chesson, Wendy Axelrad, Leahastar Schwanauer, Susan Jamison, Katie Robinson, Teri Wright, Sue Stonehouse, Leah Hinman, Crystal Turley, Julie Riedel
Bottom row, left to right:
Ashley Rowe, Tammy Adams, Melissa Rickets, Robin Conrad, Vickie Cass, Heather Udell, Jaime Neufeld, Jen Padberg, Susan Randolph